Mission & Values


EMCOR UK's mission: To help make our customers' lives easier by delivering world-class facilities management services.


EMCOR UK's values shape and guide the way we work and how we build and maintain positive relationships with our customers, colleagues, and partners. Our values focus on the following areas:



Everyone is entitled to a safe workplace where each person knows how to carry out their job without harming themselves or others.

At EMCOR UK, we pride ourselves in our award-winning safe systems of work, robust safety procedures, and comprehensive employee instruction and training.

Our culture and performance reflect our commitment to safety. In the past 15 years, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and the British Safety Council have awarded EMCOR UK with over 50 national safety awards.

We never compromise on safety.


Our customers feel valued and listened to when they see how quickly and accurately we respond to any issues they raise. We also look ahead and respond proactively to issues or trends we see emerging. To put it simply: when our customers need us, we’re there for them.


Collaboration is imbedded into the DNA of our business. We were the first facilities management (FM) provider to achieve the much-coveted BS 11000 collaborative business relationships standard and we were amongst the first six companies in the world to achieve ISO 44001, the international standard for collaborative business relationship management.

At EMCOR UK, we build strong relationships with our customers, supply partners, and colleagues—and we work in a collaborative way with all of them. We find this is the best way to understand our customers’ strategic requirements so we can formulate an optimum approach to their facility needs.


At EMCOR UK, reputation and integrity are everything, and we have worked hard to build a business based on honesty and trust. Our commitment to integrity underpins the promises we have made to our customers and defines our place in our chosen markets and community.


EMCOR UK cares about people. We care about doing a great job. And we care about our customers. The EMCOR UK business is based upon the creation of working environments that have been founded on dignity and respect for everyone. It is therefore important for all of our employees to take personal responsibility for the standards of their work, and to care enough to go the extra mile for our customers wherever they can.