Information Management

EMCOR UK keeps customer facilities operating at peak efficiency through our bespoke information management system.

Our system provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of facility data—including collecting, managing, analysing, and reporting.

Immediate and long-term benefits can range from control and peace of mind to boosted efficiency from more productive collaboration.

Work Management

Our Field Force Work Management solution helps us manage both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. We developed a customised app for our facilities management service operatives to provide engineers with the information they need to complete a particular task and track improvements in productivity.

Work planners / schedulers match job tasks to available resources (our own labour or subcontractor labour), estimate and obtain approval of costs, establish priorities, and initiate maintenance activities. Field Force Work Management benefits include:

  • Tracking tools to enable detailed analysis of resources, materials, and equipment use and costs—helps decrease labour and materials costs.
  • Preventive maintenance (PM) functionality allows EMCOR UK to put PM schedules in place with the right job steps and resource requirements, helping us to plan our operatives’ work, and reduce unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance.
  • Helpdesk: We have extensive experience operating customer-managed Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems; however, we can also integrate our CAFM systems with just about any customer platform. If EMCOR UK is operating a helpdesk on behalf of a customer, we can input requests directly into our system. Conversely, if a customer wants to run the helpdesk, we can also transfer (rather than input) service requests into the EMCOR UK system.
  • Manage and monitor all of your asset deployments, specifications, calibration, costing, and tracking.
  • Track asset details — locations, work, and cost history —to help you maximise productivity and extend asset life.
  • Plan inventory to meet your maintenance demand precisely, so we can make the right parts available when needed, with particular emphasis on spares for critical assets.
  • Defines service offerings, so we can align our services to your business needs.
  • Monitors service level delivery to help ensure service level commitments are met.

Workflow Dashboards

EMCOR UK’s “one view” performance dashboards provide an easy-to-use red, amber, and green overview of each aspect of our performance: compliance, health and safety, helpdesk, operational, and asset management. These dashboards operate on live data and can be used to track performance in real-time. We can even measure and report on a number of different performance indices, including:

  • Service (reactive and proactive)
  • Asset condition profile
  • Worst performing asset
  • Periodic building cost
  • Subcontractor performance

Asset Management

EMCOR UK’s asset management system allows us to gain insight into your assets for improved planning and control.

Service Management

EMCOR UK’s service management process allows us to submit new service requests, as well as track and update open service requests. By combining comprehensive service level management with our asset management practices, EMCOR UK can help facilities run optimally.

Subcontractor Management

Our soft services solution records the details of all resources and subcontractors, including: costs, skills, qualifications, and attendance, so we can schedule tasks in an efficient manner. We also monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and customer feedback for subcontractors in the same way as that of our own resources.

Information Security Management

In recognition of the need to provide information assurance for employees, customers, and suppliers, EMCOR UK’s accreditation to the international certification for information security management — ISO/IEC 27001:2013 — means that we have a commitment and rigorous approach to managing information safely and securely.

In order to achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013, EMCOR UK is committed to continuously improving its information security awareness, asset management, information security training, and third-party supplier assurance.

Our expertise in working in highly regulated and highly secure data environments requires a much-higher-than-norm degree of security for customers. This is due to the data integration we are putting in place to run the complex contracts we are asked to perform. Accordingly, the award of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials Plus certification represents the advanced level of information security expected by customers.

For questions regarding information management, or to learn how EMCOR UK can provide you with a total facilities management solution, contact us today.


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