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Asset Management

EMCOR UK offers an industry leading approach to the long-term management and maintenance of assets and has done so for over 20 years.

We are often asked to improve asset management and maintenance processes and are able to do so using EMCOR UK's powerful asset management software, designed to validate, and then take control of, all maintainable assets across entire property estates.

Benefits of EMCOR UK Asset Management

  • Improved evaluation and visibility of assets
  • Maintenance and process efficiencies
  • Improved reliability
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced long term asset planning and management of risk
  • Maximises return on investment (ROI)
  • Cost savings

Comprehensive Estate Management

EMCOR UK’s comprehensive asset management services begin by documenting the condition of each asset in each building of a customer’s estate. We determine what equipment is most essential to a building’s environment, as well as the age and condition of each asset, then meticulously record this in our advanced asset management database.

Equipped with this information, facilities managers and customers are better able to develop prioritised maintenance schedules and long-term budgets that account for each part of an estate – be it one building, or one hundred.

The result is a detailed understanding of an estate’s equipment and the needs of this equipment – which helps customers get the most from their facilities.

Advanced Management Technology

EMCOR UK uses cutting-edge asset management software, which provides customers and facilities managers valuable insight into building assets in a centralised, intuitive system. The capabilities of our asset management system include:

  • Manage asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, calibration, and tracking
  • Establish location and asset hierarchies, which help roll up costs across property portfolios
  • Track asset details over time, in order to increase productivity and extend asset life
  • Plan and deliver total maintenance, including planned preventive, reactive, and condition-based maintenance services
  • Relay important maintenance schedule management, resource optimisation, and key performance data
  • Monitor asset and location conditions for proactive maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime
  • Develop inventory plans so that repair parts are available precisely when they are needed
  • Define and establish Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to help align the customer's service priorities with business objectives
  • Adjust for new statutory compliance and schedule statutory inspections

Contact EMCOR UK today to learn more about how our comprehensive asset management services can help you get the most from your equipment, buildings, and estate.