Cleaning Case Study

Project Description

EMCOR UK was asked by a high-profile customer to reduce cleaning costs by a minimum of 30% whilst still remaining capable of fulfilling the obligations as dictated under food-hygiene regulations and the independent, external BRC Global Standard audit procedure.

Key Benefits

  • After assessing the existing cleaning arrangement, EMCOR UK moved from an input spec to an output spec and introduced the BS EN 13549 continuous-audit process to monitor, evaluate, and address the cleaning requirements in real time.
  • Small-scale 'snap audits' were carried out throughout the site continuously, and the information was centrally captured in real time. This allowed EMCOR UK to better understand the specific cleaning needs of each customer’s business and deploy the necessary cleaning resource more efficiently and effectively.
  • EMCOR UK’s solution met the customers’ requirements for reducing their cleaning cost by 30%, with an overall improvement of cleaning standards across the site and a successful BRC Global Standard Audit result.

About the Customer

This customer is one of the most efficient sugar processors in the world. Partnering with 3,500 growers to produce homegrown sugar, and with around half of the UK’s sugar coming from beet, this customer is helping to build a beet sugar industry that works for Britain.