Telecommunications Provider

What we helped achieve


Our relationship with the telecommunications provider began in 1995. Since then, we’ve become an essential partner in all aspects of their design and build project delivery. They rely on us to provide high quality, responsive and flexible end-to-end service to support their ever-expanding national telephone exchange and broadband infrastructure programme.

Through close collaboration we’re able to offer new ideas and help them roll-out their 21st century vision by converging 16 separate operating programmes into a single network, so they can provide super-fast broadband to the entire UK by 2015. This will enable them to provide their products cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently, playing a vital part in their success.

Some of the key benefits we’ve brought:

  • Completing 66% of exchange sites ahead of schedule, in just one year
  • Reducing waste of expensive fibre optic cable by 72%
  • Saving £100k yearly by taking over transport and logistics
  • Increasing efficiency through time-saving initiatives
  • Improving health and safety
  • Opened three new regional offices and use local mobile engineers, to provide quicker response times to customers

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Streamlined logistics - handled most of their deliveries, saving them £100k a year and also saw an opportunity to reduce expensive fibre optic cable waste by 72% by cutting the cable ourselves and distributing it as required
  • Helped them complete 'Project Phoenix' under considerable time pressure - installed 37 exchanges within three weeks in order to meet the critical project deadline. With no time to buy new telecoms cabinets, we disconnected old ones from non-priority exchanges and drove them to priority sites, before reconnecting and installing them: ensuring they delivered on their promise to their customer

How we helped

  • Delivered services on 5,000 exchanges across the UK - our mobile engineers dealt with up to 240 jobs a month
  • Designed and implemented Quickr - an IT web portal that allowed us to upload reports and certificates that relevant staff could access quickly and simply, enabling them to log, track and monitor jobs more efficiently
  • Set up a dedicated support centre - implemented a text service to track jobs and engineers easily, providing the customer with real-time feedback and information
  • Reduced the time it took for exchanges to go live from 135 to 35 days - thanks to the trust the customer has in our expertise, they engaged us in a trial that allowed us to reduce this number

Service scope

  • Mechanical, electrical and building works
  • Ironwork
  • Cabinet cabling
  • Fibre cable installation
  • Electrical and runway design