Schools in the south of England

What we helped achieve


The customer awarded us a 25-year contract to provide facilities management services for their schools in 1999. They chose us because we are helpful, flexible and responsive, and always looking for ways to give staff, parents and pupils confidence that the learning environment is safe, secure and stimulating.

Some of the benefits we’ve brought

Our knowledge and expertise is crucial in improving the quality of life across the schools. We are involved in all aspects of school life and meet with the schools’ senior management teams regularly, to discuss where we can do more. We designed and supplied the IT systems, and implemented their environmental and health and safety policies. Other examples include:

  • extending a teaching block, adding four classrooms and a media suite
  • building a new IT suite and design technology workshop
  • repainting buildings with fire and graffiti-resistant paint
  • carrying out lighting projects to make lighting more efficient

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Teachers rely on interactive white boards for all aspects of the curriculum - we have a dedicated IT network manager and five fulltime technical assistants, ensuring pupils always have access to fully functioning PCs and the latest software
  • Disruption to the school needs to be kept to a minimum – we carry out Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) outside school hours where required
  • Building fabric can’t be seen to be deteriorating - we introduced a PPM programme and now administer the life cycle fund, while our helpdesk provides central management for all non-scheduled repairs and maintenance

How we helped

  • One of the schools received a grant to have an extension built - we built a new food technology suite and meeting room, and refurbished its hospitality areas with minimal disruption, working alongside architects, structural and public health engineers
  • A lobby area needed extending to create more space, let in more light and retain more heat - we removed turnstiles, and installed automatic doors and energy-efficient lighting, on time and on budget, all during the school holidays
  • One of the schools wanted to improve its front entrance, giving it a new look and providing the administration department with more room - we completed the project in five and a half weeks, allowing the school to operate as normal
  • Managing the catering supplier, to follow government guidelines on healthy eating in schools
  • Joining in with school fundraising activities and helping with events
  • Maintaining all-weather pitches and tennis courts
  • Doing pitch line markings and putting up rugby posts
  • Helping build the scenery for school drama productions

Service scope

  • IT and technical support
  • Project management
  • Fire and security
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Catering
  • Grounds and fabric maintenance
  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance