Defence manufacturer

What we helped achieve

We started working with a defence manufacturer, in 1995, as a partner with a track record for reliability, and a reputation they could trust to help in their crucial role in the UK’s nuclear deterrent. They chose us because of our technical capability in highly regulated environments, and outstanding health and safety record. Our expertise means we understand the hazards involved in manufacturing and maintaining nuclear warheads.

We manage three sites, covering nearly 1,500 buildings over 14 square kilometres. Our 500 staff and specialist partners, carry out a wide range of facilities management and engineering services that affect every element of their mission. Our experience allows us to deliver improved technical services while reducing costs.

Some of the benefits we’ve brought

  • Saved the customer 20% in ongoing costs
  • Implemented zonal maintenance regime generating cost savings
  • Subcontract risk register developed for high risk areas
  • Compressed gas delivery resulting in savings of £180k per annum
  • Implemented customer satisfaction programme
  • Energy saving initiatives delivering cost savings
  • RoSPA award-winning health and safety record

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Adhering to their procedures and licence conditions - implemented a stringent employee selection process, which included strict vetting process and bespoke employee training; generating a 94% staff retention rate
  • Providing significant cost-savings whilst ensuring compliance to the extensive Nuclear Licence Conditions - self-delivered the maintenance and monitoring of vibration analysis and thermography, for bottled gas systems, which are fundamental to them operating in radioactive areas
  • Enabled them to buy equipment that can be maintained with minimal risk throughout its life - produced specialised procedures, processes, risk assessments and supervision requirements
  • Improved the supply chain - ranked jobs according to risk, while evaluating the difficulties clearing subcontractors for on-site work
  • Increase in projects - took on the transportation of analytical samples in order to give the customer a seamless process that worked, in addition to the 15,000 deliveries we make for them every year
  • Completed 1,700 projects in one year - they increased our workload, due to our ability to meet their demands within specific timescales, and now class us as their Platinum Partner, meaning we contribute to their strategic decision-making

How we helped

  • Took on Principal Contractor status - adhering to Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations, and carrying out 30,000 maintenance tasks annually
  • Provided a new works team at no extra cost - working proactively on projects to specific customer requests, at short notice
  • Created a zonal maintenance programme - reducing task backlog to 0.1%, improved asset availability and resulted in overall reduction of costs

Service scope

  • Mechanical, electrical and fabric maintenance
  • Asset strategy
  • Building and civil engineering
  • Energy management
  • Helpdesk services
  • Calibration
  • Roofing
  • Scaffolding
  • Ground works
  • Storage
  • Courier and postal services