Microbiological Research Organisation

What we helped achieve


We have worked with a microbiological research organisation since 2002, providing soft services which delivered savings of 24%. In 2010, they asked us to provide Total Facilities Management (TFM) services at two sites, as well as soft services at two other sites. A tight control on costs while providing high quality research and support is central to their organisation.

Some of the key benefits we've brought

  • Cut the costs significantly across all sites, delivering £130,000 savings in 2010/11
  • Improved energy efficiency by 70% at one facility alone, and reduced emissions; one site's waste was recovered to produce just 14MW electricity
  • Achieved 40% reduction in man hours through our Asset Resource Management System (ARMS)
  • Minimised laboratory downtime
  • Safeguarded key staff availability during adverse weather conditions
  • Improved efficiency by introducing collaborative working

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Providing a totally sterile environment - any contamination can affect test results so the cleaning of the facilities is exceptionally thorough, yet lab downtime has to remain minimal. Air quality control maintenance is critical, as some of the customers’ biological research involves diseases for which there is no known cure
  • Accommodating operational complexity - their sensitive work requires tight security, from manning the gates to X-raying suspicious packages. In complete contrast, we also manage the day nursery for employees’ children

How we helped

  • Cut calibration costs by £130,000 in just one year – we identified areas to make savings without affecting the quality of our services, before reducing the number of suppliers by 100 and directly employing a team of specialist calibration engineers
  • Reduced man hours by 40% - initiated and implemented our ARMS programme at one site, working with them to develop maintenance strategies based on building and asset criticality
  • Implemented a rolling maintenance plan - our sterile lab cleaning had a turnaround of one hour, at night, that required shut down just twice a year
  • Reduced the clinical waste incinerator’s energy consumption by 70% - implemented a new control system that now sends the site’s general waste to an energy recovery facility, which uses it to generate enough power for 14,000 homes
  • Assembled ‘Operation Clearway’ - kept site routes open and accommodated staff on site or fetched them from their homes, even in heavy snow, as it was essential for key staff to attend site
  • Established a collaborative working partnership - integrated our employees with the customer’s personnel to enhance our understanding of what is really important to them

Service scope

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Manned guarding
  • Specialist production equipment
  • Stores management
  • Front of house
  • Helpdesk services
  • Calibration Services
  • Mail room
  • Day nursery management
  • Car hire management
  • Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Waste management
  • Security
  • Grounds maintenance