Regent Street Management Direct

What we helped achieve


Regent Street Management Direct is the managing agent appointed to manage operational activities in Regent Street. We began providing services to a handful of these in 1998. Since then, our capability and expertise has created a strong working relationship that has seen our remit and responsibilities grow, as new contracts are awarded. 17 on-foot and on-site engineers now cover mechanical and electrical maintenance, fire and security services, building fabric maintenance and energy monitoring. They do this in around 70 high-profile buildings, in one of the world’s most prestigious locations.

Some of the key benefits we’ve brought

  • Conduct ongoing energy audits, to reduce environmental impact and save money
  • Installed LED lighting systems for better energy efficiency
  • Help facilities join businesses around the world for ‘Earth Hour’

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Fulfilled the needs of a variety of stakeholders from owners, customers and third parties, all with different needs - we work with them over a mix of high-quality retail outlets, residential apartments and offices
  • Provided quick solutions to problems - our flexibility, and understanding of Regent Street Management Direct’s properties allows us to immediately respond to any issues
  • Working out-of-hours to suit the retailers - we plan our works around the hours of retailers, causing them minimal disruption
  • Provided services even though they’re out of our original scope - when a store on Regent Street had a flooding, we sent a team in immediately. They worked through the weekend to fix the problem for the retailer, to reduce the impact it had on their trading

How we helped

  • Created a continuity plan - we had special provisions put in place to ensure smooth running throughout the London 2012 Olympics
  • Adapted to a frequently changing portfolio - carried out building mobilisations simply and quickly, often with little notice
  • Sponsored customer’s environmental project - a beehive containing 40,000 bees, which will improve their environmental footprint and encourage biodiversity

Service scope

  • Energy monitoring
  • Fire and security services
  • Fabric maintenance
  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance