EMCOR UK - In the News: The role FM can make on the health and wellbeing of office workers in the financial services industry


The issue of mental health in the workplace has been well documented in 2018. Countless media reports have highlighted the increasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression in Britain’s businesses. And the financial services sector is no exception.

According to research, finance workers in the UK are among the most stressed in the world and 78% of Chief Financial Officers in the UK see stress levels rising in the next two years¹.

We are finally beginning to see mental health become a boardroom issue. Every organisation wants a productive, thriving workforce while retaining the best talent. And to achieve this, more organisations are waking up to the idea that people are their biggest asset—protect their wellbeing and the rest will follow.

In his feature published in Global Banking and Finance Review, Ian Baker, EMCOR UK’s Head of Workplace explores the positive role FM can make on the health and wellbeing of office workers in the financial services sector

Some of the key points covered include:

  • The design and layout of the workplace – and even the building itself - has a recognisable impact on employee mental health and wellbeing
  • FM is in a unique place to improve the internal environmental conditions of a building - enhancing the performance and wellbeing of building occupants
  • Air quality alone can play a huge role in the overall productivity and health of employees
  • The impact on mental health of lighting and the impact of noise in the workplace
  • FM operates at the very heart of every workplace; many businesses and professional bodies increasingly believe that productive workplaces are best delivered from an FM angle
  • The role of FM in implementing successful 'workplace strategies' will be key if the UK financial services industry is to become a world leader in workplace wellbeing

Ian’s feature concludes that despite the UK still being a top location for financial services investment² , there is growing evidence that the financial industry’s workforce is falling behind its global counterparts in relation to mental health. The introduction of new policies and training procedures can only go so far—employers need to take the development of their office environments more seriously if they are to truly be happier and more productive. The role of facilities management in implementing successful workplace design strategies will be key if the UK financial services industry is to become a world leader in workplace wellbeing.

EMCOR UK – leading the way in workplace optimisation

The financial and professional services sector is an important area of growth for EMCOR UK. Having spent the last two years developing our knowledge and expertise in workplace optimisation , EMCOR UK is at the forefront of this field of work. By monitoring and measuring environmental conditions alongside how people perform, EMCOR UK is confidently able to put in place steps to optimise and improve the performance of indoor environments; helping towards improving the productivity of the people who work in them.

The role of facilities management in delivering a healthier financial services industry Read the full article here:




2 Coverage in the Daily Telegraph from July 2018 citing the UK as still being a top location for financial services


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