EMCOR UK Completes State-Of-The-Art Data Centre For Woking Borough Council Helping Enable Faster Delivery Of Information & Services For Residents

Leading facilities management provider EMCOR UK is delighted to announce it has completed work on a long term contract with Woking Borough Council, located in Woking, Surrey, installing and connecting a bespoke data centre, in support of its strategy to bring information and services to the community.

Specifically, after EMCOR UK designed and installed a bespoke, energy efficient fault resilient data centre for Woking Borough Council that housed critical IT services (“Phase 1” of the project, completed in 2013), EMCOR UK then proceeded to install high capacity blown fibre that would enable distribution of information from this data centre to all of the Council’s buildings in Woking (“Phase 2”). Installation of fibre links enables further capacity for the data centre and a state-of-the-art upgrade of the CCTV system onto an Internet Protocol (IP) platform. As a result of completion of this second phase of the project (“Phase 2”), Woking Borough Council has begun to use this data infrastructure to deliver information and services to the community more quickly and efficiently in the form of free town centre WiFi.

Having worked with Woking Borough Council for 20+ years, success of the recent projects was the result of EMCOR UK’s knowledge of and collaboration with Woking Borough Council to develop a business strategy to upgrade the town centre’s technology as it evolved over the course of many years. This strategy included showcasing the current innovations in IP technology enabling its residents to have fast and secure access to information and services. Over the course of the years, EMCOR UK was selected by Woking Borough Council to perform a number and range of projects, including installation of the country’s first digitally recorded CCTV system. Therefore, EMCOR UK was excited to install the fibre optical distribution across Woking using high bandwidth blown fibre, allowing the possibility to connect the various systems onto a common platform for CCTV, Building Management Systems (BMS), Voice Service, Data, and Information Systems. Also during the last 20 years, EMCOR UK has worked with Woking Borough Council to upgrade its local data and security systems, which included the introduction of a proximity access control system, supported in a number of Woking Borough Council’s buildings, onto a single secure network and allowing Woking to have its own totally secure physical infrastructure.

David Parker, EMCOR UK's Group Executive Director, commented: "EMCOR UK is proud of its 20+ year history of helping Woking Borough Council provide valuable information and services to its community. This latest project completed by EMCOR UK of the state-of-the-art data centre evidences that Woking Borough Council is a leader of the digital infrastructure revolution in this country. I firmly believe that future-proofing technology in this way will play a major role in improving our communities’ experience of services and attracting new businesses to the area.”

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