We are proud of the balanced, diverse, and interesting workforce we employ across our business.

The only thing that matters to us is your capability to do the job you are recruited to do, along with your willingness to adopt our values; safety, integrity, responsiveness, care, and collaboration.

Here are just a few of our people and a summary of the jobs they undertake:

Read about Ian.
Security Supervisor

As part of the EMCOR UK security team, Ian line manages 20 security personnel. He is also involved in soft-services administration work and oversees security-management hardware like CCTV and access panels. Ian views EMCOR UK as an inclusive company that treats staff well and allows employees to progress as long as they put in the effort. Seeing his team develop and grow is a rewarding aspects of his role.

Read about William.
Gas Service Engineer

In his role, William visits the homes of social housing tenants to conduct planned maintenance inspections of gas appliances and fire alarms. A core part of his role is delivering a positive customer experience. Doing a good job and making tenants feel comfortable about technical issues while simultaneously delivering a great service are his priority. Leaving a customer smiling makes him smile, too.

Read about Emma.
Business Lead

As a Business Improvement Lead, Emma is involved in a number of complex improvement projects aimed at making customers’ lives easier. She gets to face a number of challenges within the role, including the need to adapt and change. She says that with each contract comes different clients, drivers, and expectations, and sometimes she needs to start from scratch and take a fresh approach. Emma say that there are always new challenges and opportunities to use her talents and develop her skills.

Read about Mary.
Cleaning Operative

In her role, Mary is involved in all cleaning duties at her site, including managing the lifts, floor, and carpets. She covers for the supervisor when needed and often travels to other sites to provide assistance. She feels there is a strong team at EMCOR UK that supports her and makes her feel welcome. Recognition from the team makes her job additionally gratifying.

Read about Lisa.
Business Development Director

As part of the team tasked with winning new work, Lisa helps develop EMCOR UK's growth strategy, network, and receive and lead tenders. Every day is different for Lisa. In a bid-winning role, she says that she has to remain tenacious—because she cannot win them all. She says this makes winning a big bid all the sweeter.

Read about Robert.
Head of IT Projects

As part of the IT project management office, Robert is involved in many EMCOR UK IT projects, helping to make them successful for the benefit of his department as well as EMCOR UK’s client-services teams. His role is to build consultative relationships between IT personnel and the senior business management team for delivery of projects and changes in EMCOR UK's IT. One of the most rewarding things for him has been seeing the overall development of the IT department.

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