What we helped achieve

We first began working with UCB in 2008, providing mechanical and electrical maintenance, and laboratory and postal services. They chose us for our reputation and expertise in operating within highly regulated and sensitive environments, plus our reliability, flexibility and proven track record. Following the initial success of our partnership, the contract was expanded to include additional engineering, reception, cleaning and hazardous/non-hazardous waste services, with UCB awarding us their corporate headquarters and additional laboratories. In 2012, we signed a five-year total facilities management contract for UCB’s UK portfolio.

Some of the key benefits we’ve brought

  • Total reduction in overall cleaning costs of 45%
  • Cost savings on laundry and laboratory coat cleaning
  • Peace of mind as we help scientists prepare for their research

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Adhere to stringent biopharmaceutical and health and safety compliance regulations - it is vital that we remain constantly aware of their needs, by staying abreast of regulatory changes
  • Ensure business continuity - train our staff to control on-site chemical spills and we have provided each site with a chemical specialist to oversee stocks
  • Provide critical constant access to all sites - put a severe weather plan in place, that held us responsible for snow and ice clearance and gritting of both access roads and internal areas during severe weather
  • Increased productivity - provided helpdesk and administrative services alongside reception, for an improved service with quicker response times

How we helped

  • Saved UCB 45% in labour costs - reduced the cleaning workforce from 35 working part time to nine full time and also improved the quality of the cleaning
  • Increased efficiency by becoming their single source supplier - we provide all waste services, recycling services, and consolidated general and hazardous waste
  • Saved time and money, by reducing the need for external companies - our logistics provided porterage and facilitated office moves across sites
  • Increased productivity and efficiency by integrating all services and technology - introduced Agility CMMS technology, which records potential health and safety issues, centrally records and stores all information, and uses hand-held technology to quickly monitor jobs
  • Provide visibility of site availability - the customer has access to real-time reporting of laboratory availability, where people are and what they are doing
  • Created a single point of contact - we control all aspects of subcontractor health and safety and compliance, using our trusted procedures, in order to save UCB’s time

Service scope

  • M&E maintenance
  • Postal services and stores
  • Front-of-house and helpdesk
  • Cleaning and pest control
  • Laboratory support services
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management
  • Snow clearance and gritting
  • Full asset verification
  • Window cleaning and landscaping